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Do I need to order my brownies in advance?

Yes! We currently only take in pre orders. 

For customisation discussion, do contact us directly at


Can I phone to reserve brownies for same day pick-up?

It may just be your lucky day! It is possible only if we do have an extra set. 


Do I need to pre-pay?

For all pick-up and delivery orders, we kindly request payment in advance.

Our delivery drivers do not accept cash on delivery unless otherwise agreed upon. 


How do I store my brownies?

Our brownies can be consumed warm or cold. If you will be consuming the brownies more than 24 hours after purchasing them, you can freeze them and they are good for up to 30 days after they are purchased. 

Cakes can be stored at room temperature for 4 hours, otherwise best kept refrigerated.


How do I reheat my brownies?

♥ Turn the oven onto the warm setting and let the brownies warm for 8 to 10 minutes. 

♥ Microwave the brownie for 15 seconds.

Place the brownie on a microwave safe plate before microwaving it.

♥A toaster oven will work just fine for heating up the brownies for 5 minutes. could just eat it cold!

Delivery & Pick up

Do you provide delivery service?

Yes! For your convenience, we provide island-wide delivery services! Our delivery charge is a flat fee of $12 Islandwide.

 Can I pick up my brownies?

Yes! You can pick it up via our sister branch at BOTANY, #01-03 86 Robertson Quay.


Does Love Bella Bakehaus offer custom decorations?

Of course! We understand the importance of personalisation and are pleased to offer custom fondant decorations for special occasions including holidays, birthdays, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and corporate events. 

Contact us at for your customisation enquiry.



Is Love Bella Bakehaus Halal?

We are not a halal certified bakery.

However, we do not use any pork gelatin or lardin in our bakes. 

What is in Love Bella’s bakes ?

We use a variety of premium ingredients in our cakes and icings, including milk, cream, butter, eggs, sugar and flour.Our bakes do not contain any preservatives or trans fats. 

Do you have dairy-free/plant-based/nut free options?

We are a big advocate of inclusiveness and embracing differences. Let us know your dietary needs and we can customise your order at a top up fee. 

Contact us at for your customisation enquiry.



Can orders be cancelled once confirmed?

We do not offer refunds once the order is confirmed.

Cancellation of orders can only be done within (24) hours after payment.